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You must be able to work at least three shifts per week to be considered for employment. In order to be considered for night shifts, you must be able to work at least one closing shift during the week. We are flexible with schedules and this will just give us an idea of when you are able to work.

Please check all the shifts you are able to work:

Previous Employment

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The management of Dion’s Pizza will make decisions relating to the interpretation of this dress code. All employees are expected to show up for each shift in full compliance with the dress code.

I have read, understood, and upon employment agree to abide by conditions of employment as required by Dion’s Pizza. If I am hired and employed by Dion’s, I understand that my employment is “at will”. Meaning, either Dion’s or I can terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause. All the information that I provided on this application is true. I understand that I will be charged .50 cents a week for uniform rental if hired.

  • Please agree to the terms