Who We Are

Vision: ​

To be the most admired restaurant brand in the country.


To our Customers, we provide great food, a comfortable place to relax, and ease in a busy day.

To our Employees, we provide an inspiring place to start and build fulfilling lives and careers.

To our Communities, we are a trusted partner to foster youth development.

Our Values

Great Food

Great Food

Great food is fresh, quality ingredients made to order with attention and care.

• Know and follow food safety standards.

• Use fresh ingredients.

• Follow set standards and recipes.

• Make each order with care the way the customer ordered it.

Fast, Friendly Service

Fast, Friendly Service

Fast, friendly service is listening and engaging with each customer while being friendly and efficient.

• Welcome customers with a smile and eye contact.

• Listen to customers.

• Care for customers.

• Act with urgency. Make It Happen.

Keep all promises.

Clean, Comfortable Stores

Clean, Comfortable Locations

Clean, comfortable locations are well maintained, organized, and crisp.

• Create an atmosphere that is welcoming and safe.

• Maintain and clean our locations meticulously.

• Keep workspaces organized and prepared.

Clean up after yourself and others.

Exceptional People

Be Excellent

Excellent employees are responsible, action oriented, willing to learn, and want to be the best.

• Be on time and participate fully.

• Have pride in your personal appearance, be in dress code.

• Be resourceful, find solutions and take action.

• Treat others with kindness.

Work hard and have fun.

Shared Growth

Win Together

Winning is building a profitable, thriving business that provides opportunities for our employees and communities to flourish.

• Use the Values to make decisions.

• Teach others what you know.

• Set and achieve goals.

• Recognize and celebrate successes.

Positively impact your team, Dion’s, and our community.