Employees Who Inspire

If it wasn’t for Nathan’s yellow shirt and red hat, the mystery of who the kind young man doing a great deed might have never been solved.

An employee at our Coors and Montano location in Albuquerque, Nathan certainly exemplified an Employees Who Inspire moment.

Stopped at an intersection, Nathan noticed a blind woman who had fallen to the ground while walking. Wearing his signature Dion’s uniform, Nathan jumped into action. He put his car in park, rushing to make sure the woman was OK and helping her to her feet. Little did Nathan know, a mother in one of the cars behind his was taking photos of his act of kindness. Once she realized Nathan had the situation handled, she snapped the pics, later posting them to her Facebook along with:

“When I came to the stop sign at Rainbow and Ventana Ranch tonight there were two cars stopped in front of me.

Before I had a chance to wonder why the car in front wasn’t going, I saw this young man jump out of his car and run across the street, and that’s when I saw that an elderly blind woman had fallen at the curb and this young man had raced to help her.

My girls and I watched him help her up and make sure she was ok before he ran back to his car. It was a beautiful moment to witness and the conflict that was brewing in the car melted completely away as we watched his selflessness.”

The woman’s post quickly circulated around social media, resulting in over 2,000 likes and 500 shares, with numerous people pointing out that Nathan must be a Dion’s employee, which helped to identify him. Nathan’s generosity was also featured on local TV and radio stations, and there’s truly no counting how many people he inspired with this caring moment.

A junior at Sandia Prep, Nathan is also recognized as an outstanding person by his administration. His coworkers also commend him for his character. His GM, Jesse, noted that Nathan was a go-getter from the start, showing up two hours early for his first shift, instantly introducing himself to everyone, and quickly studying process documents.

For his notable display of character, Nathan is our latest Employee Who Inspires honoree, earning a $150 Visa gift card.