Employees Who Inspire

Our marvelous employees really are our only secret ingredient. We only hire one in ten who apply, most of whom are in high school and participate in extracurricular activities. We provide them a safe, friendly environment and encourage them to develop enduring life skills required to have successful, long-lasting careers. For many of our employees, Dion’s is their first job. Like it was for our CEO who says he got a summer job at Dion’s when he was 16 and never left.

Every month we tell a story about an employee who inspires us both inside and outside of Dion’s.

Brandon at our Colorado Springs location has a strong work ethic and motivates others with his positive attitude. He is always thinking of ways to improve. One day he came into work and excitedly told his General Manager, Randy, “I stayed up late thinking and found a way to shave three seconds off my press out!”

Not only is Brandon consistently trying to find ways to improve himself, he also inspires fellow employees to be better. He takes the time to show his coworkers how to make the perfect pie, working alongside them. He always seems to be in a good mood and it rubs off on others. With his positive attitude, he pushes himself and his peers to be the best.

Brandon’s resourcefulness, and how he sets goals and achieves results, is a great example of the Dion’s Leadership Cornerstone of Accountability. To recognize him as an “Employee Who Inspires,” we have presented him with a $150 Visa Gift Card.