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All of our employees have the opportunity to learn everything we do in the stores, from making salads and subs, to running a register and making pizzas. No matter what station our employees oversee, their main job at Dion’s is to uphold our five company Values – Great Food - Fast, Friendly Service - Clean, Comfortable Locations - Be Excellent - Win Together.

Each Dion’s location employs 60-80 people. We hire enthusiastic people – most of whom are high school or college-aged. We provide a challenging and fun environment that results in rewards such as pride, self-esteem, personal integrity, and independence. And of course, lots of pizza and Ranch. For many of our employees, Dion’s is their first job. We give them a foundation and work ethic that will serve them throughout their lives.

Because all cooking is done from scratch, we have an extensive training program for both new employees and upper management to ensure consistent quality. We strongly believe in promoting from within, offering many of our employees advancement opportunities in our company.

Employee Testimonials

“Honestly the most fun workplace.”

“The environment of our store is very open and welcoming! People are always smiling and working together, and the team always feels encouraged by our General Manager!”

“Not only did Dion’s make me a fast and friendly worker, I was taught the value of a great employee and how I can achieve anything, even if it seems too hard.”

“Dion’s was my first job at 15 and I really became the person I am today because of it. I can now go up and talk to anyone! I learned as a young adult how to work well with others and with different types of personalities. It set the foundation for everything that I do in life and in other jobs that I have taken on. I now have good communication, time management, leadership, teamwork, and many more skills!”

“Dion’s prepared me by teaching me the ins and outs of how the business works. I learned that it’s a lot more than just making pizzas and great food, it’s about working as a team in order to win together in the end. Overall, it bettered me as a person and I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Dion’s team!”

Dion’s Team Roles

It takes many different skill sets to make the Dion’s world go round. Below are the various roles it takes to achieve our Promises to our customers, employees, and communities.

Dion’s Employee - A Dion’s Employee is the first face a customer sees. They work as a team to provide Great Food, Fast, Friendly Service, and Clean, Comfortable Locations to our customers.

Skills learned: Values-based decision making, responsibility, work ethic, goal setting, team work, customer service, producing the highest quality food possible.

Dion’s Trainer - A Dion’s Trainer is an employee’s first venture into leadership. They are masters of their trades and serve as role models and teachers for their fellow employees.

Skills learned: How to teach others what you know, accountability, goal setting, team work, service to internal customers, leadership.

Dion’s Assistant Manager - An Assistant Manager steps further into company leadership, participating in the supervision of store crew with General Managers. They play a key role in the execution of the store’s training system, run shifts, serve orders to waiting customers, and are ServSafe®-certified.

Dion’s General Manager - A General Manager ensures all our company Values are upheld so that the operation of our restaurants run smoothly. They schedule staff, facilitate meetings, develop future company leadership, and much more.

Dion’s Facilities - Facilities employees ensure that our restaurants are in perfect order, from the plumbing to the ovens, to the roof over our heads.

Dion’s Commissary, Bakery, & Drivers - Commissary & bakery employees are responsible for making much of the food in our restaurants. They do everything from chopping fruit and making our Ranch dressing, to baking our cookies and baguettes. They then have loaders and drivers to assist in delivering to

all Dion’s locations.

Albuquerque Commissary & Bakery Open Interviews -
Fridays 10am-12pm.

Please fill out an application prior to arrival. Applications are available for pick up at the Commissary. Applications can also be submitted online.

Dion’s Commissary
4595 San Mateo Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Dion’s Home Office - Home Office employees are employed in the following departments: Operations, Training, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Purchasing, Information Technology, and Customer Relations. Combined, these positions serve to enrich the experiences of our customers and employees.

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