Jobs at Dion’s

Dion’s Employee

There’s opportunity for all of our employees to learn everything we do in the stores, from making salads and subs, to running a register and making pizzas. No matter what station our employees oversee, their main job at Dion’s is to uphold our five company Values – Great Food - Fast, Friendly Service - Clean, Comfortable Stores - Exceptional People - Shared Growth.

Dion’s Expert

Our Dion’s Experts are masters of their trades. They are such fantastic employees that they serve as role models and teachers for their fellow employees.

Dion’s Training Assistant

Our Training Assistants are kind of like Ambassadors. They are skilled at teaching, fantastic at communicating and are charged with training coordination at their particular store. They work closely with the management team to train new employees and further develop Experts.

Dion’s Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers participate in the supervision of store crew with General Managers. They run shifts, serve orders to waiting customers and are ServSafe®-certified to ensure stores provide the safest, highest quality food at all times. Known as our “Red Shirts,” for their unique uniforms, a Dion’s Assistant Manager is the first step in company leadership.

Dion’s General Manager

When you’re a General Manager (GM) in one of our stores, it’s your job to make sure all of our company Values are promoted and firmly in place so that the operation of our restaurants run smoothly. Scheduling staff, facilitating meetings and developing future company leadership are just some of the responsibilities our GMs tackle every day.

Dion’s Facilities

Our Facilities Team ensures that our restaurants are in perfect order, from the plumbing to the ovens, to the roof over our heads. They provide service to all of our stores, so our customers receive a top-notch experience with each visit.

Dion’s Commissary/Bakery

The employees at our Commissary and Bakery are responsible for making much of the food in our restaurants. They do everything from chop fruit, to making our Ranch dressing, to baking our baguettes. The quality that goes into all of our food starts with their dedication, and it shows in every pizza, salad and sub we serve.

Dion’s Home Office

The Dion’s Home Office employs individuals in the following departments: Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Training, Marketing, Purchasing, Facilities, Information Technology and Customer Relations. Combined, these positions serve to enrich the experiences of our customers and employees.

Please note that most positions at our Home Office require previous experience. Those looking for an entry-level position should apply with our stores or Commissary/Bakery.