520 Hwy 528, Bernalillo, NM 87004
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Savanna Sutton
Savanna Sutton
“ I have always been a fan of Dion's (and still am), at this location however my order is either 1. wrong or 2. the lettuce in the salads looks a few days old. I ordered a salad a few weeks ago with romaine lettuce and no tomatoes, lo and behold, there were tomatoes galore (I'm allergic) and there was hardly any lettuce actually there, just massive chunks of the stems. I just ordered a greek salad and have so far had to throw away half of the lettuce in it because it was brown. To make things worse, I also just found PLASTIC in my salad. I myself have worked in the restaurant industry for years, so I understand accidentally putting tomatoes in or what have you, but putting in romaine stems and brown lettuce and plastic? That's just reckless. It is only this location that I have ever had a problem.”