Dion’s Scholarship

Dion’s is committed to youth development within the community and our stores. As such, we focus a multitude of existing efforts on the community, which can be found here. With this in mind, the Dion’s Scholarship was created to support the development of youth within our stores.

College-bound employees interested in the scholarship were invited to submit a written application, including an essay, for consideration. The scholarship application included questions about how the employee felt they had grown while working at Dion’s, and why they felt they should be awarded the scholarship. More than 60 applications were received. After the initial application, some applicants were invited to meet with The Dion’s Scholarship Board for an interview.

Dion’s Scholarship Winner

Scholarship - Riley Amort

Riley Amort, who works at the Dion’s in Santa Fe, was awarded the Dion’s Scholarship. He left an impression on The Dion’s Scholarship Board when he arrived for his interview wearing a full suit with his Dion’s cap and nametag.

Riley volunteers in his community cleaning up parks and graffiti, he serves on his Student Life Council, and has completed several mentorships at Thornburg Investment Management. He earned enough college credits through his school’s dual credit program at his school to receive an associate’s degree prior to his high school graduation. Riley plans to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in economics followed by an MBA. In his application essay, he wrote about reaching his goals, stating, “I love cars and working in the auto industry would be truly rewarding. As an automotive executive, I will look back at Dion’s and say that is where I learned a lot of the skills I still use today.”