Employees Who Inspire

Some employees put their hearts to work, and Anais Trujillo at our Colorado Springs location is unquestionably one of those people. She joined the Dion’s team three years ago at our Colorado Springs location and has since made a positive impact with everyone she works with.

This winter, Anais organized a food donation to a homeless shelter in Colorado Springs, “Thinking about the pandemic, and how people may not have food or resources, I started researching local shelters to see if they accept food donations from restaurants. I asked my General Manager Austin if we could organize a donation. Once I had permission, I started calling some, and found one in Colorado Springs. I coordinated timing, how many people we needed to feed, etc. to make it happen.”

As a result of her hard work, Dion’s donated 50 pizzas to help people in need. When she came to him with the idea, General Manager Austin Gallegos encouraged her to organize this donation, “The donation was all driven by her. She is very passionate about doing what she can for the homeless and I was honored to help make that donation happen for her. I am very proud of her!”

We know Anais’s passion for kindness will help her future success, “With my degree I want to participate in nonprofit organizations make a difference and help people build homes. I have been in similar situations and many people helped me get out of that position. This makes me want to give back and make a difference.”

You know that moment, when you receive a random act of kindness, and it just brings the biggest smile to your face? Dion’s has partnered with the Jennifer Riordan Foundation to recognize, support, and spread acts of kindness – not only with our customers, but among our employees as well.

Madalyn Elkins has been part of our Dion’s family for 7 years and shows kindness every day at our Cabezon & Unser location. Nominated by coworker Brandy Babcock, Madalyn exemplifies the Dion’s Values every day as an Expert*.

Everyone knows Madalyn as the nicest and sweetest person at our store. Recently, my family went through a hard time and coming to work was very difficult. Madalyn made my family an entire pan of homemade enchiladas and chocolate banana bread to make sure we did not have to worry about anything, especially eating dinner. I don’t know how many people would do that for a coworker but it inspired me to want to do more good for others. I wanted to nominate her because she is such a great person inside and outside of work and deserves so much recognition.

Sharing kindness often comes naturally to Dion’s employees as a result of quality store leadership. General Manager Mikayla Condon has played a large part in Madalyn’s growth not only as an employee, but in her personal life, too.

Mikayla is the primary reason why the culture is so amazing here. She goes above and beyond as a manager, promoting kindness in an authentic way. She works really hard for the employees and customers, and it’s often unsung since it’s behind the scenes. The culture at Dion’s and this store shows that our employees truly care for each other. I have grown to appreciate the kindness here among the team and for our customers.