Employees Who Inspire

Sometimes tangible items serve as markers of growth and success.

A necklace as a reminder of newfound courage or a car sticker to commemorate a completed marathon.

For Sarah Shields, our latest Employee Who Inspires, it’s a costume sheriff’s badge. The accessory was purchased in jest, as Sarah, whose name is stitched on her polo because of her manager position, wanted a “nametag” and saw the badge at a Halloween store. While outwardly the badge is primarily playful, it’s also an indicator of the authority and respect she has acquired and holds at Dion’s.

“When I moved to the metro from Las Cruces, I brought the badge and started wearing it at my new store. My new coworkers were also big fans of it and started calling me ‘Sheriff’; new employees even know me as ‘Sheriff’. I feel like it’s my part in the store, I maintain the order and protect people.”

Sarah shares how her start at Dion’s included initial intimidation and doubt. Would she be capable of someday running a shift or counting money in the register?

“The people I have met at Dion’s pushed me to realize my full potential, and I have gained so much out of that,” she says. “I realized that when I did speak up my guidance made more of a difference than I expected. The biggest thing I have learned is how to rise up to the occasion and take charge.”

A current assistant manager at the Central & Elizabeth location, Sarah’s “take charge” approach played significant importance as operational adjustments and processes shifted quickly due to Covid-19. Sarah stepped up and shined with needed attention, organization, and care in the areas of drive-thru, pick-up, and delivery.

While Sarah solidly has command on keeping order, as a “sheriff”, she also maintains the peace and creates a harmonious place to be.

“I do my best to make our store as inclusive as we can be,” she says. “I always joke, ‘We’re here for a long time so let’s make it a good time’ on my shifts because I do enjoy the people I work with, and I want them to enjoy work as well. I love watching my coworkers continue to get better, and I want them to help me grow as well. I keep these people tight so we can keep fostering these good changes.”

With her inspiring and respected presence, we’d say Sarah truly embodies the sheriff’s badge and nickname.