Employees Who Inspire

Nominative determinism is the hypothesis that people tend to gravitate toward areas of work that fit their name.

You could make the case for Dyonne Estrada and Dion’s. Though, it’s more than her name that makes Dyonne a good fit here. Her love of life and Dion’s is obvious and infectious. She never misses an opportunity to engage with someone through her job.

A current Expert at our Central & Elizabeth store in Albuquerque and a Superstar Tour Guide for the metro area, Dyonne aka “DJ”, personifies what makes our employees so great.

Over her six years at Dion’s, DJ has evolved as a person and employee. She shines at interacting with kids on store tours, becomes instant friends with anyone she encounters, and enjoys training new employees.

DJ takes pride in her experience and effervescence. She savors her role as a “store mom” – someone who cares for and about those she impacts. She gets excited when it comes to teaching what she knows, and she is a star at getting along with others.

“I LOVE introducing our culture to new hires,” she said. “It’s a great feeling being able to educate young kids on such a great company. When it comes to tours, it’s amazing to fill those kids up with love, knowledge of Dion’s, and a little bit of pizza as they start their days.”

Though she has only been a tour guide since the summer, DJ has stepped into the role wondrously. One teacher said, “DJ was on top of it! She made every transition smooth with age appropriate language and techniques. She was very engaged with the students throughout the whole tour and learned their names very quickly. I was so impressed!!”

DJ also appreciates how her time at Dion’s has created special relationships.

“I have customers who have been regulars since I started, eat the same thing, have watched me grow as a 16-year-old girl to now and that’s amazing because even then, complete strangers celebrate your growth with you. They become part of my everyday routine.”

Like so many employees at Dion’s, DJ finds her coworkers become best friends with familial bonds.

“One experience I’ll always remember is when I was helping to open the store in Aurora. We were having a Thanksgiving dinner and I remember looking at everyone and thinking, ‘Wow, there are over 40 people in this room, and we all have the same goal. Work hard, train harder and play even harder.’ Not only were we on the same energy level, but that room was filled with LOVE and FAMILY.”

In her free time, DJ enjoys crafting, including painting, sketching, and making candles out of wine glasses. She is also an assistant coach for middle school and high school basketball. Most importantly, she loves spending time with her dinosaur-loving son.