Employees Who Inspire

Syra Franco, our latest Employees Who Inspire honoree, made an immediate impression on her GM and team thanks to her radiant personality and positive attitude. A day crew member at the Lohman location in Las Cruces, Syra has been with Dion’s for eight months.

Syra quickly displayed a delightful presence, which continues to make a strong impact on the store.

Her GM, Jerry, notes her inspiring nature is infectious and motivating.

“Syra comes to work every day with the best attitude,” says Jerry. “She brings light to people’s day and lifts their spirits. She goes above and beyond to get things done in the store and for her family. She is one of the most selfless people I have met.”

Syra credits working at Dion’s with helping her become her true self and embrace who she is, which in turn makes her interactions with coworkers and customers effortless and enjoyable. She appreciates the opportunity to brighten up someone else’s day and develop a variety of relationships.

Syra said, “Each relationship I have with my coworkers is meaningful in a way that doesn’t compare to others, and they have all helped me grow as an individual.”

Though she has worked at the store less than a year, Jerry commends Syra for her willingness to welcome and teach new hires.

In addition to working at Dion’s, Syra enjoys staying active including volunteering with the New Mexico Senior Olympics in the summer.