Employees Who Inspire

How did Melanie go above and beyond to learn to communicate with her team?

She learned a new language.

With the majority of the staff at the Dion’s Commissary in Albuquerque being Spanish speakers, Melanie saw the value in becoming fluent herself.

She considers doing so a life-changing experience.

It’s also an experience that represents who Melanie is as an employee. An Administrative Assistant at the Commissary, Melanie is our latest ‘Employees Who Inspire’ honoree.

An ever-present smile on her face, Melanie is reliable, helpful, and passionate about her position at Dion’s.

“She is kind and outgoing,” said her manager Gabby, who oversees quality assurance at the Commissary. “There is never a dull moment with Melanie. She brings joy to everyone around her.”

Melanie has worked at Dion’s for a decade, including seven years at the 4th Street location in Albuquerque. She enjoys the positive energy at the Commissary and takes pride in helping others. In addition to Spanish, Melanie notes learning how to work with different personality types as a crucial part of her professional growth while at Dion’s.

Melanie was rewarded a $150 Visa gift card for her Employees Who Inspire recognition.