Employees Who Inspire

True masters of a craft work at it tirelessly with practice and persistence. Our employees quickly learn the art of pizza making requires as much.

Some, like Jarin Thompson, even go so far as to take home pizza kits to perfect their pie quality in their own kitchens!

Jarin, whose favorite station is pies and who loves making pizza, strives for daily improvement. His managers at the El Paseo and Idaho location in Las Cruces, New Mexico, unanimously nominated him for our Employees Who Inspire award.

“His hustle is extremely admirable,” said Jarin’s GM, Richard. “He is so driven and passionate about working, and he loves to learn.”

Though Jarin has only been at Dion’s for nine months, he has quickly made a positive impression on his team and customers.

In the short time he has been with Dion’s, he has also grown personally, remarking, “The fast-paced environment has taught me how to manage stressful situations. I have been able to communicate with people much easier since I have been hired. I also enjoy talking to coworkers about life and I have learned so much from them.”

Jarin was rewarded a $150 Visa gift card for her Employees Who Inspire recognition.