Employees Who Inspire

Our latest Employee Who Inspires honoree, Claudio Salazar, is a true behind-the-scenes leader. The Delivery Assistant Manager at our Commissary, Claudio ensures product at the facility is managed effectively and efficiently. Claudio’s supervision and care impacts inventory and delivery of food and supplies to our store locations.

An employee of Dion’s for nearly 14 years, Claudio is admired for his hard work, passion, and kindness.

“Claudio is truly an incredible person. His love of Dion’s and his family shows up every day,” said Brian, who oversees the Commissary. “Claudio always has a positive attitude toward his work and will do whatever it takes, even if it falls outside his scope of responsibilities, to get the job done. He leads from a place of kindness with accountability, and he is respected by everyone at the Commissary.”

A member of Claudio’s team, Tino, praises his humility and honesty, noting, “For me it is a tremendous pride to work with Claudio. There are plenty of words to describe what he is as a boss, but for me he is more than that. He is a great leader, an excellent companion, a brother. He works with us shoulder-to-shoulder, and when he asks for your opinion, he takes it into account.”

In addition to his willingness to tackle a challenge, Claudio is also known for his friendliness. Colleagues are quick to point out his calm and bright demeanor. “He is always smiling and finds time to shake your hand and ask how your day is no matter how busy he is,” shares Mike, who oversees the Maintenance department.

The importance of Claudio and his role has recently magnified. As Dion’s works hard to provide new or modified options for customers to access meals, the Commissary’s role in delivering product is as important now as ever. Fortunately, Claudio is involved.