Employees Who Inspire

Listen, care, and act is a phrase our employees use as a reminder of the Dion’s Values and Promises, something that Jonah Hunt at our Colorado Springs location exemplifies. Jonah is an Assistant Manager who continuously inspires his crew and customers on a daily basis.

Before working at Dion’s, Jonah was employed at other fast food, pizza, and calzone restaurants, but could never find his place. That quickly changed when he joined the Dion’s team.

“After being hired, I felt something different, like Dion’s was the place to truly make an impact. I have worked hard and I am happy to be in a leadership role. Before Dion’s, I wasn’t the most ambitious, and this job was the first thing to kick-start me to want to be someone. When I began to meet my goals with recognition, that’s when I felt at home. Dion’s means a lot to me. I was bouncing around, trying to fit in, but now people have my back and I have theirs, too”.

General Manager Austin Gallegos also recognizes Jonah’s transition into a leader.

Jonah was an independent person before Dion’s and is now learning to depend on his teammates as well as General Managers and Operation Managers. He is kind, he is caring, and he is encouraging. Jonah is someone who genuinely wants the best for anyone and everyone who works at Dion’s. He is also able to find time to listen to employee concerns. He has some of the best customer service I have seen, and he always goes above and beyond for the customers”.

Jonah’s passion for the community is always apparent. According to Jonah, his purpose on Earth is to love and provide a sense of family to anyone he meets. He cares about the well-being of customers, often meeting and talking with our regulars. Jonah has also taken the time to seek out further mentorship from others in the company

Jade Brooks, an employee trained by Jonah speaks to his patience and how he acts towards other coworkers behind the scenes.

Jonah is such a wonderful boss and mentor to me. When I do something wrong, he explains to me why I need to do it differently and how to do so. He is supportive of me always wanting to learn new skills. He is wonderful with customers and always remembers the regulars’ names. He is a caring person, a hard worker, and sets an amazing example. I hope to be as successful as him in the future”.