Employees Who Inspire

It’s not every day that a Dion’s store employee implements a companywide process improvement, and Brendan King at our Cottonwood Mall location is making waves, sauce waves so to say!

It all started when Brendan was tasked with making the Dion’s pizza and pasta sauce. Sometimes his sauce consistency wasn’t quite right, and he had to remake it. General Manager Stefan Kennedy encouraged Brendan to work hard to make the perfect sauce each time.

“I remember trying to find a faster way and better way to create the perfect batch of Dion’s pizza and pasta sauce when I was on sauce prep. One day, I asked Stefan if I could switch up the recipe order to see how it went. With his approval, I mixed the first batch a new way and it blew my mind! It was exactly how I wanted it.”

As a result, Brendan created a more consistent and efficient way to make sauce. At first Brendan and the Cottonwood Mall location were the only ones using this new process. After a few months, General Manager Stefan wanted all Dion’s locations to implement and use this process.

“I wanted to help get Brendan’s new process company wide. At the end of the day, this new process prevents waste, saves time, and is more consistent, helping with our goal to serve great food to the community. Brendan just graduated from Volcano Vista High school, and his innovativeness truly stands out. He’s consistent and exceptional all the time, always providing the highest quality of work. As a leader in the store, I wanted to make sure he received the credit and support he deserves.”

Hard work, passion, and teamwork helped bring this new process to life. At the end of the day, Brendan has the best interest of his coworkers in mind.

“I hope it helps out the other sauce preppers like me. I hope they like it!”

When Brendan’s not working at Dion’s, you can find him performing with his rock and alternative band, playing guitar and writing his own songs.