Employees Who Inspire

The people.

That is Hannah Wilson’s favorite thing about working at Dion’s.

A team member at our University and Gibson location in Albuquerque, Hannah lists relationships with customers, the familial spirit, and the team environment she can expect, every day as her top workplace joys.

The feeling is mutual. Hannah is appreciated and admired by her crew, earning her our latest “Employees Who Inspire” honor.

Hannah infuses kindness into as many moments as she can, and it shows. Coworkers and customers notice, acknowledge, and reciprocate her caring attitude.

Hannah’s GM, Marty, notes, “She goes out of her way to take care of customers and is one of our Experts who does an awesome job helping new employees feel like a part of the family.”

Hannah is proud of her growth as a leader while working at Dion’s, pointing out her improved maturity and ability to express herself. She takes humble satisfaction in the fact that she can make a meaningful impact on others.

Hannah was rewarded a $150 Visa gift card for her “Employees Who Inspire” recognition.