Employees Who Inspire

In early spring, the emails came often.


Finally…139, company record.

Our employees are an ambitious bunch, and, with a tight-knit operation, store management teams often keep tabs on one another to set new goals for their respective locations. Emails are circulated within the company to share and celebrate successes and generate healthy competition among stores.

One such mark is the coveted drive-thru record, the amount of orders fulfilled through the pick-up window in a given hour. For our teams across all stores, the significance of this goal is even more important with the pandemic and closure of dining rooms. So much so that for a few consecutive weeks in April and May, the Friday and Saturday night hourly totals started getting emailed out as stores reported their nightly records.

On May 15, the drive-thru record of 139 was set at the Paseo and Wyoming location in Albuquerque and has held since. 139 cars in an hour. Just over two per minute.

Jayden Burciaga, Amanda Burnell, Maiya Jimenez, and Megan Schoch were the four employees on drive-thru operations that night. They’d also surpassed their previous store record of 113 set in April.

“We knew we had a shot at the record as the hour went by,” says Maiya. “And we’d known about all the other stores sharing their totals, so when the hour ended, we just knew it and were pretty excited about it and to share it.”

While Jayden, Amanda, Maiya, and Megan comprise the drive-thru crew, it takes the work of the entire store to achieve such speed and efficiency. Each employee ensures orders are fulfilled on time and accurately, working quickly and attentively.

“And I just hand out the Ranches,” jokes General Manager, Shane.