Employees Who Inspire

It’s 10 a.m. at the Dion’s on Paseo and Wyoming in Albuquerque and a thunderous laughter erupts from the salad station. Kids scream, squeal, and smile. The prep and opening team is unfazed. It’s par for the course when beloved tour guide “Spike” is leading the show. Though they’ve heard them before, even they still grin at his antics. Spike has turned salad bowls into characters with accents. Across the counter, parents and teachers look on and whoop just as much, if not more, than the kids.

For the duration of the tour (and every tour he’s done), Spike keeps everyone engaged with as much laughter as learning. He mixes impersonations with instructions, earns cooperation through magic tricks, and wondrously gets kids to listen as intently to his facts about food groups as they do his jokes.

Truly an “Employee Who Inspires,” Spike is animated, energetic, and engaging. With an unparalleled personality and a flair for fun, he’s a teacher and an entertainer.

“He’s so cool…and funny!” shouts a third-grader attending Spike’s last tour on September 4. After more than 15 years with Dion’s and countless tours, the legendary and lovable Spike is moving on (to be exact, he is moving to Texas).

As heartbreaking as the news is, it presents an opportunity to reflect on the impact he has made. Each year, Spike gleefully led thousands of kids in the Albuquerque area through a Dion’s tour in a memorable way.

While Spike is one-of-a-kind, his tour tricks and traditions will live on. He has influenced, trained, and worked alongside the current corps of tour guides who have seen firsthand from Spike how to make walk-in coolers interesting to a seven-year-old. When kids don their iconic tour guide shirt or grow up and think about their favorite memories from Dion’s, Spike will surely come to mind.

The compliments for Spike over the years are plentiful. Here’s a few of our favorites:

“Spike was fun and engaging. He made the kids so happy. When asked about their favorite part of the trip, it was a pretty tight race between the pizza and Spike.”

“Our kids love Spike so much! They talked about him for a full week after the tour.”

“Spike thoroughly delighted the kiddos and impressed the heck out of all us parents. He was an absolute delight, leaving quite the impression on all of us chaperones and teachers, making the day a blast for everyone!”

“In all my years of being any place, I’ve never seen someone so great at their job and give such excellent customer service. I went on my son’s 1st grade field trip today and the “tour guide” Spike was beyond amazing. He was hilarious and I could not stop laughing, let alone the kids too. You can tell he really puts his heart and soul into his job and cares a lot. He loves what he does and it shows.”

Irreplaceable and unforgettable, Spike has been an extraordinary part of Dion’s. On behalf of all the children (and adults) you’ve taught and entertained over the years, Thank You, Spike!